Marie, a horse-riding champion

lundi 1er février 2016 , par A.Tiphaigne

Marie, a horse-riding champion


Marie started horse-riding when she was 5, so, she has been riding for nine years. No wonder she is good at it !

This hobby takes much of her time as she rides six times a week, for six or seven hours altogether. She goes to Ezzanville to practise her favorite sport. Her mother drives her and they give a lift to her best friend whose name is also Marie. How funny ! It takes them 20 minutes to go there.

Marie has chosen this hobby because she loves horses and her mother used to horse-ride when she was younger. Marie’s parents pay an important fee which can go up to 6 300 euros a year. How expensive !

She hasn’t got a horse because her parents can’t afford to have one, they haven’t got room for it but she trains with three horses, mainly "Bandi", her favorite, but also "Reel" and "Quarrousel". "Bandi" is her favorite because she has tamed it and she has ridden it for four or five years. She rides the two others only when she has competition.

As far as competition is concerned, she started it six years ago, in 2010. Last year, with her team, they won the gold medal at the Carrousel. What was this competition about ? It was a show with costumes and music. Each team was composed of minimum six riders. They were twelve in her team. Each team had to choose a theme and Marie’s chose "the Muletas", so, they were dressed as toreadors. All the horses had to walk on the rhythm of the music. How impressive !

Although she spends a lot of time horse-riding, her passion for horses does not affect her marks. Marie is a hard-working student and a nice girl.

An article written by the European section after interviewing their classmate Marie.

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