A school trip to Rome

vendredi 13 mai 2016, par A.Tiphaigne

A school trip to Rome.

A few weeks ago, some lucky classmates went to Rome on a school trip. Who were the happy few ?

The pupils concerned were those who study Latin. That is why the trip was organized by the Latin teacher, Mrs Eychart.

They were thirty-two pupils and four adults. The trip took place from Sunday 6th March to Thursday 11th.

On Sunday 6th the group met at 10 am in front of the school to take the coach. The pupils were both excited and anxious because of the twenty-two-hour long trip ahead.

On the coach, they listened to music, they played cards, they chatted and some tried to sleep. It was long and boring.

When they arrived in Rome, after a quick breakfast, they spent the first day sightseeing.

They had a break at 1pm for lunch, the food was not that good but the ice-cream was ok.

It was 7pm when they arrived at the hotel. They put their luggage in their rooms and went downstairs to have dinner.

They were three or five in a room. The hotel was comfortable and the food was good. There was even a park with rabbits and swings. Can you imagine ?

Every evening, the pupils had to go to bed at 9 pm because they were exhausted.

Everyday breakfast was at 7am. That was early ! They left the hotel at 8 am to go sightseeing with a packed lunch.

Unfortunately, because of the traffic jam, they had to spend up to 3 hours on the coach. It was 7pm when they went back to the hotel and they enjoyed running after the rabbits in the park.

On Thursday morning, after breakfast, they put their luggage on the coach and started their long trip back to Paris.

Our classmates loved their trip to Rome because the visits were interesting, the teachers were cool, especially Mrs Molé and Mrs Eychart and Rome is sooooooo beautiful !

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