A self made man (3ème 2)

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“Our father, a great musician !”
Our schoolmates, Izrate and Dhaouabate, are fourteen-year-old twin sisters.
We’ve known them for four years. Most of us had no idea that that their father was a professional musician and singer.
His first name is Ali but he is known as "Maitre Izé".
When he was young "Maitre Izé" played football in a club, and, he was good at it.
Unfortunately, he broke his leg when he was fifteen, so he couldn’t play anymore. That is when he decided to start music.
He started to learn the guitar and he took singing lessons. His parents were not happy because he had stopped school. They were worried because they did not think that music could lead to a serious job.
But very quickly, after four or five years, he started to perform in concerts and he soon became famous.
Ten years later, in 1997, he came to France and got married. Then he founded a band with six musicians which they called "Baboulbarak". What a weird name for a band !
In fact "Maitre Izé" can neither read nor write, so, he composes his music and lyrics orally and a musician of the band writes them for him.
Maitre Izé and his band are famous in the Comorian community of France. They play traditional Comorian music and they perform almost every Saturday in France.
On the second weekend of November they had a successful concert in Marseille. Can you believe it ?
When he performs in Paris and the suburbs, his family go with him as often as possible. Of course, they are all fans of him.
Do you want to know more ? Here is the link if you want to have an idea of what his music is like :

An article written by the European section (3ème) after interviewing their two classmates, Izrate and Dhaouabate.

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