A karate champion !

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Sheherazade, our karate champion !

I can’t believe it ! You know what ? In our class, we have a champion ! Her name is Sheherazade and she is fourteen years old.
She started karate when she was only eight. She chose this sport because her cousin and her brother practised it.
Karate is the only sport she practises as she trains a lot, five times a week for two hours each time. Yet, she has tried many other sports but karate is what she likes best.
Sheherazade trains in the local club of Deuil-la-Barre where there are more boys than girls. Her belt colour is black but she is extremely modest and she never shows off.
Even, her family, in Morocco, does not know she is a champion and very few people in our school know it !
She has already entered local and national competition. In 2013 and 2015, she won the French championship. How incredible !
When she wins a fight, she feels happy because her parents and her coach, Bernard, are very proud of her.
Bernard, a former karate champion, believes in her and he wants her to enter international competition but Sheherazade thinks she is not ready yet because she is always stressed before a fight. She hates losing a fight.
In the future Sheherazade would like to be a doctor and a karate coach too.
She is not only a karate champion, she is a brilliant student too. She is hardworking and serious. Yet, she has loads of friends and fun. Does she have loads of secrets too ?
Sheherazade is really a nice girl and we are proud of OUR CHAMPION !

This article has been written by the European section (3ème) after interviewing their classmate.